And now for something completely different.

July 5, 2015

1992 was the year I started meddling with computers. I’m grateful that my parents supported my passion and helped me study Electronic and Computer Engineering. Since my graduation in 2003, I worked as researcher in various scientific projects and as a freelance software engineer delivering hundreds of projects. Beside these, I spent several years teaching young students programming and electronics and a couple of years as a Unix systems administrator. During the last few years, as the #1 employee and CTO in a startup (Qrator) I helped the transformation of a vision to a product and a successful seed round of $830K.

All these seemingly diverse fields forged my mentality and allowed me think of problems in many different levels (from the hardware standpoint, the operating system, network and so on). On top of that, my teaching experience facilitated my freelance work as it made easier for me to interact with non-technical people, help them understand their own needs and convert them to feasible and tractable milestones. Last but not least, I constantly focus on my project management skills, trying to get the best of client’s employees or my fellow partners who do ninja development in Qrator.

Despite being offered well-paid positions in competent enterprises, I opted to choose a freelance career as I believe in constant self-development by adapting to market’s needs. At the same time, I have the advantage to select projects that appeal to me most and of course, work from my own premises.

Recently, a friend (and a developer I respect for his coding virtues) suggested Toptal as one of the leading engineer recruiters online. The things that intrigue me in their process are: a) the extremely low acceptance rate of ~3% (I love challenges as I am active on the scientific field), b) their dual screening process (phone interview and code testing) and c) the availability of resources in their blog.

Let’s see how this works out!